Agile Coach Camp Germany 2024…

… will be from13th to 16h June 2024 with the theme New Horizons
(yes, four days again – Thursday to Sunday)

The first round of sign-up has ended and our AgileUniCornJediGlitterFairy will be performing the lottery the next two week.

If you sign up now, you will get on the waiting list to begin with:

Sign-up here to get on the waiting list

Die Teilnehmenden des ACCDE23 formen einen "ACCDE" Schriftzug.

Take care of yourself and be(e) safe <3

Your Orgateam aka Armin, Daniel, and Gitte

Gruppenfoto der ACCDE23 Teilnehmenden.
Gruppenfoto der ACCDE23 Teilnehmenden.