Pre-Event 2023

The pre-event is optional and is meant as an option for those who arrive earlier in the day. It starts at 2pm on the 15th of June.

Practicing showing up or Practicing vulnerability

(Pre-Event by Markus Wittwer)

I believe that being able to show your vulnerability about something relevant to the group is the most powerful tool we have to nourish psychological safety. When you show up and you reveal something precious and vulnerable and then the whole group has the experience that nothing bad happens, then psychological safety is skyrocketing. (For people who have been at Agile Coach Camp before: The lightning talks on the first evening create exactly this experience.)

But is there a way to practice and cultivate showing up?

Or do I just need to be born with enough bravery?

I believe there are ways to practice showing up and we will explore some of them in this pre-event. I hope you leave this event with more clarity about what showing up for YOU means, about what your actual experience of showing up feels like and how you can move towards this experience more often and more reliably.“