Pre-Event 2019

The pre-event this year is a coaching dojo where you can spend time practising coaching techniques in a safe environment. The pre-event starts on 21st of June at 14 o’clock in the room Forum.

This will be facilitated by Gitte Klitgaard; agile coach and activist.

The first part of the agile manifesto says “We value people and interactions over processes and tools” and in our daily work we have many aspects that require communication.

Communication is hard and a good way of becoming better is practice. Many scrum masters and agile coaches use coaching as a tool to help communicate; however they are not the only ones who can benefit from this; it is also strong for others like managers, developers – really for anyone that interacts with people.

Coaching has many different definitions; to Gitte it is about listening and reflecting to help the “seeker” – the person seeking help. From Japanese we use the word “kata” to describe an exercise that is repeated again and again until we have internalized it.  

For this workshop, we will have a coaching kata with Active Listening, Powerful Questions, and Deliberate Silence as tools.

We will repeat it so all can play all three roles. You will sit in groups of 3-4 with a seeker, a coach and 1-2 observers. You can choose personal things or work related issues.