Pre-event for Agile Coach Camp 2016

Facilitation Dojo

We provide this Facilitation Dojo as a platform for safe learning and exchange about facilitation techniques, pitfalls and secrets.

The students of a martial art are gathered around the center of the Dojo. The master – sensei – in the middle asks one of the students to join him for a practical demonstration. „Attack me“, he says. The students starts an attack and finds himself lying on the ground in the wink of an eye. The sensei patiently describes and demonstrates her moves, ensures the student understands every part and reverses the roles.

A dojo provides an intense but safe learning atmosphere. Coding dojos are very popular in the Agile scene. Our facilitation dojo helps new and intermediate students of Scrum to improve their facilitation and moderation skills (see learning objectives).

The session is very energetic and hands-on. After a brief activation about the role of a facilitator, we dig into one or more scenarios to evaluate the facilitators behavior and gather suggestions for improvement. The scenarios are played out briefly, with an emphasis on facilitation – not actual problem solution. This leads to topics like the stance of the facilitator, time-outs, objective setting, conflict deescalation and more. This session is a dojo – see and practice yourself, not a theoretical tract.

Learning Outcomes:

  • – Provide an engaging and inspiring environment for an event
  • – Deal with disturbances and interruptions
  • – Address conflicts and help the parties to navigate through them
  • – Collect ideas and organize them into topics
  • – Understand the origin of the word facilitate and live to it