F. A. Q. 2016

Just to clarify some things for everybody, we made a list which hopefully clears some of your questions:

  • You do not need to prepare anything
    • Feel free to bring games, instruments and other things to have fun with on ACCDE16
  • The conference will be in english, and as it is a safe environment, it is OK to try and improve.
  • You will pay at the venue when you leave.
    • Drinks are not included (coffee and tea are)
    • The price for the room is included in the price for the conference. You only pay one bill at the reception.
  • When you get to the venue, please go to the reception (second building on the right) and check In.
    • after that, meet us at the forum (first building on the right)
  • There will be a group of people running in the morning, so bring your gear!
  • There will be the possibility to exchange data, pictures and everything else (thx Björn!)
  • All those sponsors (look here: —->>>>) make this unconference possible and affordable.
  • As we will (as every year) have a great service and a very helpful staff, we will collect money/tip on sunday.
  • The unconference will be very exhausting… take care of yourself… take breaks, get some sleep, relax