Application 2016

The applications is
…is a response to the following questions:


HERE you can send us your real application!


  • How many agile coaches do you know?
  • In which areas do you wish to benefit from others at the coach camp?
  • What stories can you tell that could be inspiring to others?
  • Are there other ways you plan to contribute?
  • How hungry are you for more agility?
  • Which actor would play the main character in the movie about you?

…and it is your Price-of-Admission:

We are looking for passionate individuals – Coaches, facilitators, developers, testers, team leads, guerilla change agents, scrum masters, product owners, managers, experienced people, newbies…. If you are actively engaged in helping a team or organization adopt Lean or Agile software development, or in helping an established team sustain their continuous improvement, or part of a team, or just curious, please do come! The cost of admission is merely this: your application

Enter your position paper when you register to complete your registration. Registrations without Position paper are incomplete.
Still want to know more?

The conference will be low-cost. Your answers (and, following that, your time, energy and passion) is the real investment you are making.

Rationale for asking these questions

What we’ve seen at various events is that having people answer questions before coming to a conference leads to better discussion because people have thought about what they want from the conference.
We have never had an application rejected except if the answers are “will answer later”.  If we are not happy with the position paper, we might ask the participant specific questions to help them come up with a better position paper.

Your answers are an excellent springboard for a Lightning Talk, though you may choose to talk about something entirely different, too. See Lightning Talks for a list of ways to approach.