Important Stuff:

What is an Agile Coach Camp?

Where does ACCDE take place?

And how do I get there?

  • You can read the details here
  • Also see google maps. In case you’ll be arriving by train, we usually organise ride/taxi shares (you will get a link if you are attending).

What do I need to prepare before accde?

  • You do not need to prepare anything
  • Feel free to bring games, instruments and other things to have fun with to ACCDE.

What language will the conference be in?

  • The conference will be in English, and as it is a safe environment, it is OK to try and improve your language skills in any way.

What is the schedule or the program of the ACCDE?

As this is an Un-Conference there is no pre-scheduled plan.

We normally start Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 9 am. We open the OpenSpace by volunteers and everybody helps cocreate the schedule for this very day. Usually a 10 am we start the session which you can visit as you want. Please apply the principles from the OpenSpace. At 1 pm will be lunch and at 6 pm there will be the closing of the days OpenSpace.

Everything before and after the openspace can be used for music, sports, arts, anything and may be shared with other participants. Bring instruments, sports gear, games, etc.

What about payment & costs?

  • This is a non-profit, low-cost, community-organized event, so you only pay for the cost of food, accommodation and materials.
  • You will pay at the venue when you leave. You can pay in cash or with card.
  • Price will be below 500 Euro and covers everything except drinks (coffee, water and tea are included)
  • All those sponsors (look here: —->>>>Sponsors Mailingliste Page) make this unconference possible and affordable.
  • As we will (as every year) have a great service and a very helpful staff, we will collect money/tip on Sunday, so bring a little cash 🙂

Why do you ask about sharing rooms?

  • We have a limited number of rooms, some are single rooms, and some are double. If people share rooms, then more people can attend the conference.
  • There will be maximum two people in each room.
  • We do our best to fulfill your wishes of who to share with.
  • We want you to be comfortable, so we only put you in a shared room if YOU want to.
  • If you choose to share with a stranger, we will per default put you in a room with a person of the same gender.
  • We are sorry, but we don’t know who snores, who you know, who you used to work with, who stays up late or go to bed early, so a bit more detail would be nice.

Where do I go, when I arrive?

  • When you get to the venue, please go to the reception (second building on the right) and check In. Then you go to test for corona in your room. After that, meet us at the so-called „Forum“ (first building on the right)

When does ACCDE start?

  • Pre-event (optional) starts at 2pm on the first day, so in 2023 the 15th of June. The main event starts at 7:30pm at the Forum. There is dinner at 6pm (which is already included in the price).

When does ACCDE end?

  • We will finish with Lunch on the last day (closing of Open Space before). Some will maybe hang out at the venue a bit longer :).

Are there morning activities?

  • There is usually a group of people running in the morning, so bring your gear! Sometimes there’s also meditation or cross-fit like activities depending who offers what.

How do I get in touch with you?

  • Feel free to contact the orga team with any questions and ideas. We are happy to hear from you by mail „orga @“

What if I want to stay in touch afterwards?

How much energy does the accde take?

  • The unconference will be very exhausting… take care of yourself… take breaks, get some sleep, relax

Can I bring my partner and kids?

  • Your partner is very welcome if they want to participate in accde. They must enter the lottery at the same terms as other participants.
  • We consider children kids until they are adults.
  • This is a conference that people pay to come to to focus on agile for a weekend. Since some people feel uncomfortable with kids around and that this is such a sensitive area that it is hard to talk about, we do not have kids on accde and instead focus on the professional part of it.

Can I bring my dog or other animals?

  • As some people are afraid of dogs and others have animal allergies, you cannot bring your animal.

Have you considered that the coach camp is less inclusive if I can’t bring my child or animal?

  • Yes, we have taken that into consideration. By including one group, we exclude another, so we have had to make a choice.

Can I charge my electric car at the venue?

  • Yes. The venue has a charging station for electric cars.

Where can I find more info?