Agile Coach Camp Germany 2020

Hello everyone

We are sad to have to announce that ACCDE20 will be cancelled this year due to the Covid-19.

We were hoping it would improve, but with the current situation, we do not believe it is responsible to have a coach camp in R├╝ckersbach in June.

Why did you not take the coach camp online, you may ask?
Thank you for asking ­čÖé
We did consider that. We looked at different options so that the community would still have a place to gather. However we did not want to make it just another online open space.

The stuff that makes the German coach camp great is the combination of the community, staying in one place for three days, and the R├╝ckersbach atmosphere.
We have not been able to find a way to recreate this, so we decided not to.

There are many good online open spaces, lean coffees, and other online events, and you can use these to stay in touch, learn and grow. Use twitter, video meetings, calls, whatever you need. We also encourage you to take time to leave the screen, to rest, to contemplate, and maybe just be.

These times are hard and our world has changed in ways we could not imagine. We hope that you are taking care of yourself and that you have compassion for yourself. These are uncharted territories and we all need to find our ways. Sometimes we float and sometimes we get stuck, and that is okay. 

Will there never be another coach camp, you ask?
Again a very good question.
Yes there will be a coach camp next year in R├╝ckersbach and it will be the world premiere of the 4 day German Agile Coach Camp. You heard right: 4 days ­čÖé

ACCDE21 will be from Thursday 17.06 to 20.06.2021

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Take care of yourself and be(e) safe <3

We will miss you and we look forward to seeing you next year if not earlier.

Orgateam aka Armin, Cosima, Daniel, and Gitte