ACCDE15 Information

How can we make our (working) world better together?“


From the 19th – 21th of June 2015 we would like to invite you to come together at the 6th AgileCoachCamp Germany in the beautiful Rückersbach.

Two days of highly collaborative, self-organized Open Space for everyone who is involved in or cares about coaching, training, mentoring, being in or leading agile organizations, teams and individuals.
Coaches, facilitators, developers, testers, team leads, guerilla change agents, scrum masters, product owners, managers, experienced people, newbies… – all are welcome. Diversity makes us smarter!
What commitment does it cost? Your active engagement in the highly cooperative OpenSpace-discussions! We are looking forward to your participation!

This year our theme will be How can we make our (working) world better together?
We encourage you to help us bring in more pairing; at the moment we have the room sharing, we have opening of the space, we have retrospective.
Please bring any other ideas

Facilitation will be in English, sessions in other languages are welcome.

Besides costs, your price-of-admission is a Positioning Paper telling us about yourself, your interests and contributions.
We would like you to answer four positioning questions regarding your motivation to attend the coach camp.

What is your agile experience?
What do you plan to explore on this coach camp?
How do you plan to contribute?
If you were a dragon, what color would you be?

Due to the big interest the last years, we are having a lottery and registration has four steps 🙂

Step 1:
Preregistration or registration for the lottery.
From 15th of March until 22nd of March.

Step 2:
Lady Fortuna makes a random selection between all people who have signed up in the lottery period and who have filled out position fields.
24th of March

Step 3:
We send out emails for people to register in eventbrite if you won a place.
You will have time until the 6th of April to sign up before your place is given to another.

Step 4:
After 7th of April registration is open for the remaining places and the waiting list.

(We opened the waiting list early 🙂

To go on the waiting list, you need to do TWO things:

  1. Sign up on eventbrite AND
  2. Fill out the positioning paper here

Further information:

Twitter hashtag: #accde15
Follow “@ACC_GERMANY“ on twitter
Or subscribe to the newsletter at “

  1. Where?
    1 hour from Frankfurt (Main) airport in the lovely Seminar Center Rückersbach Kolpingstraße 1, 63867 Johannesberg, Germany.
    (Google Maps)
    How to get there gives you more info on travel details for plane/train/car.
  2. When?
    From the evening of June 19th through June 21th (Fri-Sun) 2015.
    Pre-Event starts: Friday, June 19th 2014, 14:00 CET
    Official beginning of the conference: Friday, June 19th 2014, 18:00 CET with drinks and snacks.
    End of the conference: Sunday, June 21th 2014, 16:00 CET
  3. How much?
    This is a non-profit, low-cost, community-organized event, so you only pay for the cost of food, accommodation and materials.
    The price will be less than 280 € including food and accommodation, depending on how much sponsorship we get. You will be invoiced by and pay directly at the venue.
  4. Who?
    Lots of cool people: see the list here


Let us make this weekend one that really makes a difference in the world.

  • What is our community of new and seasoned agile coaches really about?
  • What shifts do we want to bring to the world of work?
  • What wants to emerge from our collective action?

In the Pre-Event we would like to get inspired by these questions (and not necessarily find answers), so we can inspire great conversations and experiences during the coach camp.

We will explore these questions with two methods from the Art of Hosting community (World Cafe and Collective Story Harvesting). Join us in the preevent and be part of the group that prepares the field of what is possible and thinkable for our weekend together.

The Pre-Event runs from 2pm to 6pm and is hosted by Gitte (Klitgaard) and Markus (Wittwer).


To get an idea of what it might be like, take a look at the results of