14 thoughts on “Taxi Sharing

  1. Judith

    I arrive friday at 4.50pm at Aschaffenburg and would like to share a taxi to the venue. Anybody interested and arriving about the same time?

    1. Marc

      Hi Judith

      I’ll arrive at the same time and would love to share a taxi with you.

      – marc

    2. Jella

      Hi Marc and Judith,

      I’ll be on the same train too so could also join the party 🙂


    3. Christoph

      Hi Judith, hi Marc,

      I will also arrive by train at 4.50 pm and would be glad to join you. 🙂

      Looking forward to friday,

      1. Judith

        Ok, I have never been at Aschaffenburg before. I would suggest we meet at 5pm outside the main entrance of the train station. I think we will recognize each other 🙂 I am blond and in the mid 20s 😉

        1. Gitte Klitgaard

          When you come from the tracks, you will go up some stairs and be in the trainstation – no matter which track, you will end up the same place in the station.

          You could meet there – or go to the left and there is the main exit (entrance 🙂

        2. Heike

          Hi, I think this is a good idea. Btw, my train arrives at 4:50 p.m. as well 😉

    4. Judith

      Looking forward to meet you (Mark, Jella, Christoph and Heike) tomorrow at about 5 outside the main exit 🙂

      1. Jella

        Sounds great!
        Looking forward to meeting you guys 🙂

        1. Marc

          Maybe we are all in the same train? I’ll arrive with ICE 229.

          1. Jella

            My train is running late and I’ll miss my connection in Hanau.
            So see you at the venue, I guess!

  2. Gitte Klitgaard

    I arrive at Aschaffenburg friday at 13.22 🙂

    1. Thorsten Sturm

      I will arrive at 13:34. Would love to share a taxi with you if you wait until then.

  3. Alexander

    Hi everybody,

    I’ll arrive at 17:47 at Dettingen (Main) Bahnhof with the RB15249 Train coming from Hanau. Is anyone also that late 😉 and like to share a cab? It’s 8,5 km to the Seminarzentrum from there and if they have cabs it’ll be a just in time arrival …


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